Irish Tea History

Today, the Irish drink more tea per person than almost any other country in the world. Morning, noon and night, cries of "put on the kettle" or "anyone for a cup of tea" resonate through Irish homes. They may not know what a dusting is or what first blush means but they know a good cup of tea. While the Irish are connoisseurs of good tea, why are they so fortunate to be drinking some of the best quality tea in the world. To understand how that came about, a little history is in order.

The Irish tea trade developed independently of other countries and a high quality tea product became the standard. In 1941, the Irish Government created Tea Importers (Eire) Ltd to deal directly with tea producers in the country of origin. This company was sponsored and backed by the Government. Whether India, China, Sri Lanka or Kenya, there could be no middle men and therefore, no dilution of the product. Going straight to the source meant that tea imported into Ireland took on a particularly unique and Irish quality. In fact, until Ireland joined the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973, it was illegal for any Irish company to import tea except direct from the country of origin. Having grown accustomed to this higher quality tea over many years, the Irish will simply accept nothing less and continue to insist upon only the highest quality tea.

Dealing directly with the country of origin enabled Irish Tea Importers to experiment with flavors. Irish tea merchants began to include teas from East Africa in their blends and this development proved very popular. Prior to this, Irish teas had been predominantly from India and Sri Lanka.

The quality and flavours of Irish tea are unique and particular to Ireland and now you know why. So what are you waiting for? We have four brilliant teas to try, again and again. 

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